Autodesk Vault Utilities

Autodesk Vault Utilities – Download Page

Vault Utilities is a Windows based stand alone application, which contains selection of apps to perform different operations to selected files in Autodesk Vault in bulk.

Home Window


This is the home window containing buttons to open the different apps.

Update File Properties

This app allows you to update a single property for multiple files selected in Vault.


This is useful when a single iProperty needs to be updated in multiple files without having to open each file in Autodesk Inventor.

This app can only update iProperties which are available to be selected as “Fields” in “Customize View” in Vault.  If an iProperty does not appear in the list it needs to be mapped. There are articles on the internet explaining how to do it.

The “Current Value” text box displays a value only when a single file is selected. In a case of multiple file selection the box will remain blank.

Rename Files In Assembly

This app allows you to rename all files referenced in a single assembly.


This app will direct you to Vault to select a single assembly file using the Vault browser.

This may take a while.

The app will list all files associated with the assembly, including library and content center components.

The first thing to do is to remove the files we do not want to update from the list by selecting them and click the “Remove Selected Items” button. This can be done multiple times until all files that are left are the once we want to rename.

There are two ways of removing or adding characters to the file name.

One is similar to the one already available in Vault by Find/Replace a certain section of the name.

The other is by replacing characters located in a certain place/position in the name.

A combination of both may be used to achieve the desired result.

The two “Preview” buttons determine which way will be used. Once the “Preview” button is clicked, the new file name is created and populated in the “Preview New File Name” column. Individual file names can be changed by clicking in the respective file cell in the “Preview New File Name” column. When happy with the newly created file name click “Apply” button to transfer the new names to the “New File Name” column. This can be performed multiple times until the desired change is achieved.

Once happy with the name as shown in “New File Name” column click the “Check In” button for the files to be renamed and checked back in Vault.

If at any point you would like to cancel all changes and return to the beginning press “Reset” button. This will restore the content of all cells in the list to their original values.

Columns can be sorted by clicking on the respective column headers.

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