Custom BOM for Autodesk Inventor

Custom BOM is a Windows based, stand alone application, used to create List of Components and Bill Of Materials for an active 3D model opened in Autodesk Inventor.

Delete Local Folders

This application deletes selected folders from you local hard drive and places them in the Recycle Bin.

Profile List – DXF and PDF extractor for Autodesk Inventor

Scans all drawings associated with an Autodesk Inventor assembly stored in Autodesk Vault to identify profiled components. Creates PDF file for each drawing which shows profiled part and creates a single DXF file for that component. Places all DXF and PDF files in to a specified folder on the local hard drive. Creates list of all DXF and PDF files and uses 3D model’s iPoperties to populate previously created Excel template.

Autodesk Vault Utilities

Vault Utilities is a Windows based stand alone application, which contains selection of apps to perform different operations to selected files in Autodesk Vault in bulk.