Custom BOM for Autodesk Inventor

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Demo version is fully functional, but limited to show up to 20 components.

Custom BOM is a Windows based, stand alone application, used to create List of Components and Bill Of Materials for an active 3D model opened in Autodesk Inventor.


  • Customized columns
  • Include / Exclude Library and Content Center components
  • Show only parts or assemblies or both
  • Show model parameters
  • Export to excel
  • Open individual item in Inventor
  • Show / highlight component in Inventor
  • Print to nominated local or network printer

Component List     

CustomBOM - Component List tab 1 blured

Shows list of all referenced parts and assemblies in the current model. This is a good tool to verify the iProperties of all components in the assembly. It allows a selected item to be opened in Inventor to edit it’s iProperties or model parameters.

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

CustomBOM - BOM tab blured Shows the Bill of Materials for the current model. This list contains primarily parts. Appearance of components is governed by the “BOM Structure” setting of each component. If an assembly needs to appear in the bill of materials, it’s BOM structure needs to be set to “Purchased” and that of it’s components to ‘Phantom”.


CustomBOM - Setup The Settings tab is used to select which column to appear in the list, order of appearance and set the initial width of that column.

Export to Excel

CustomBOM-Excelexport blured “Export to Excel” starts a new instance of Excel and shows the list as a spread sheet which can be saved in the desired format or processed further using full functionality of MS Excel.

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