Profile List – DXF and PDF extractor for Autodesk Inventor

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Demo version is fully functional, but limited to 5 DXF files.

The user selects an assembly stored in Autodesk Vault.

The app downloads all drawings associated with this assembly to the local drive.

Scans all drawings to find components which require profile cutting (plasma, laser, etc.) and creates a PDF file for each drawing.

In case of multiple parts per drawing, it scans all parts shown on the drawing to determine which ones require profile cutting and creates a DXF file for each part.

The current criteria are:

  • All parts which have flat pattern
  • All parts which have “PLATE” in their description

If these criteria are not suitable for you, please let us know and we can make you a custom copy to suit your specific needs.

Finds the item number for the corresponding part in the parts list and adds it to the DXF file name to be easily recognized.

Places all DXF and PDF files in to a specified folder on the local hard drive.

Creates list of all DXF and PDF files and uses 3D model’s iPoperties to populate previously created Excel template.

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